2002 Taylor Liberty Tree Guitar


It’s a great-sounding Taylor Limited Edition GC model in mint condition … no, it’s a fascinating Taylor “Art Guitar” commemorating a milestone in American history. Actually, it’s both, and fills each of those roles extremely well.

In the years leading up to the Revolutionary War, each of the 13 colonies had a liberty tree where colonists met to plan their rebellion against the British. The last of those trees still standing was in Maryland, but the big tulip poplar was badly damaged by Hurricane Floyd and had to be felled in 1999. Bob Taylor negotiated purchase of the wood from that tulip poplar and used it to produce a limited run of 400 guitars.


We currently have #36 of those Liberty Tree models here in the shop. The guitar has aged gracefully, and the wood is beautiful and perfectly matched. This unique guitar is decorated with artwork by Pete Davies Jr., Taylor’s former inlay designer. Check out the detailed laser-etched inlay of the Declaration of Independence and a rosette with 13 stars (one for each of the original Colonies) around one-half of the soundhole, opposite an early battle pennant that flew during the Revolution. A depiction of the first post-Revolution American flag is inlaid in dyed maple on the ebony peghead.   More details »


Yep, you can have a piece of American history and a wonderful sounding 15-year-old guitar at the same time. Stop by the shop to see it in person and try it out!

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