1990 Gibson Les Paul with Parsons B Bender


Parsons B Benders are usually found in Telecasters but Gene Parsons will install one in any guitar you want, which is how that most twangy of devices wound up in this Les Paul Studio. The original B Bender was developed by Gene Parsons for legendary guitarist Clarence White who had been replicating the sound of a pedal steel on his Tele by bending the string behind the nut with his free hand while fretting and playing the E and B string. The distinctive sound immediately caught with country players, who loved the lonesome wail it produced, but musicians like Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, James Hetfield and Ron Wood have also used it to great effect. It costs about $2000 to have Gene Parsons install a B Bender these days so at $2100 this Les Paul is a real bargain. We don’t often say this but once this guitar is gone, we are very unlikely to see another one.

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