Vintage Guild S-300 Humbucker Swap


A cool and unusual Guild S-300 D solid body came across Brian’s bench recently. The owner has played it so much over the years that he wore through the top of the neck pickup, and the pickup is dead as a result. 

In this photo you can see the worn away plastic on the right side of the pickup. There’s just a hint of copper showing on the screw coil, showing that he wore all the way through to the coil wire.

Original PAF pro

Original PAF pro

We’d like to preserve the retro look and originality of this guitar.. so what to do?


Brian detuning the guitar to remove the pickup

First thing Brian removed the pickup and identified the model as a 1970’s Dimarzio PAF Pro, he then searched the web and found a period correct working replacement. We discussed a brand new replacement, but it just wouldn’t look right.


Removing the pickup


Removing the wiring cavity cover

Next is to open the wiring cavity and unsolder the dead pickup lead.


Wiring cavity detail


Unsoldering the dead pickup

The replacement came in, and here’s a couple shots to show how close the aged color matches.

Side by side of original and vintage replacement

Side by side of original and vintage replacement





Soldering in the replacement


The guitar put back together and good to go


The PAF Pro and Super Distortion are back in action

Written By James Hingston

James has slowly been working his way westward for years. He was born in England, but grew up mainly in Vermont. His foray into guitar repair started when he and his Dad swapped the pickups in an old Hagstrom, and ever since he’s had the bug.

He built some solid…

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